Elle et Elle: Week in Review

Happy weekend, all. We made it! Below you will find some of our favorites from this week, ranging from Instagram husbands to gifting between nations. So you can sit back and digest pop and world news while you nurse your holiday party hangover (just us?).

M: It’s hard to believe that it was only this past Monday that Kim K. announced her new baby son’s name, “Saint West”. Not to beat a dead horse or anything, but I just had to get that one out of the way. I’ve included Kim’s oh-so-official announcement below.

In more relatable links: I loved this interview on Man Repeller. The two ladies featured have fabulous style, and I feel like the questions posed to them couldn’t have been better.  See for yourself.

Latest and greatest obsession– Hands to Myself (song) from Selena Gomez. Fair warning: It might get stuck in your head.

Lastly for me, is this fab slideshow from Refinery 29. You will find the following quote “But, fur is also luxury, which made it the go-to add-on this season when designers wanted to create something really, reallyexpensive.” which I must say, is a fabulous segue to a DIY I did on the blog.

B: If you haven’t watched ‘This is What It’s Like to be an Instagram Husband?‘, then I’d highly recommend checking it out now. It’s absolutely hilarious (there’s a flag running bit in the end that made me literally laugh out loud at work. Not that I ever watch silly videos while I’m hard at work or anything…).

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 9.26.51 AM.png

In adorable world news, Russia gifted France a puppy to replace a police dog that was killed during the tragic Paris attacks. Talk about the perfect Christmas gift. Let the cooing begin.

Lastly, have you ever bought something and, upon arriving at home, immediately questioned why you thought you just had to have it a mere hour before? It’s cos of science, guys (in this case, science is a loosely used term to mean well-researched marketing tactics).

Yep, science and politics this morning. Getting heavy.

That’s the roundup folks. We hope you had a great week, and that your weekend is even better! Be sure to follow our Instagram for even more Elle et Elle fun.


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