Elle et Elle: Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Highlights

We all know that the “sexiest night in television” was last night, and if you are anything like us you gathered around with your best girlfriends to ooh and ahh at the beautiful lingerie, wings, sparkles, and, oh, BODIES.  Did you see Kendall Jenner? That waist!

If nothing else, the VS Fashion Show provided us with some needed motivation to get in tip-top shape. “I, for one, started her 30 day squat challenge today”(M). Below are our favorite looks and a few of our personal highlights from last night — besides the pizza we ordered in!

M:  My favorite look for the night was a tie (sorry, I couldn’t choose just one), but really they have the same theme so it’s okay.  On the left is Alessandra Ambrosia and on the right, Maria Borges.

During the show, both looks were mesmerizing!  Alessandra’s lingerie set is in a beautiful deep blue/green tone that I’m in love with, especially for this season and time of year. Maria’s blue garter belt also hooked me immediately. Both did a remarkable job coming down the runway with the cumbersome feathers that made the looks.

Selena Gomez was my favorite performer and her makeup was so spot on, I had to give it a mention.  I will definitely be (trying) to recreate this look on myself.

One more thing I have to speak on: the suede boots!  I know these will not be in a Victoria’s Secret store-near-me (or anyone for that matter), but they were fabulous.  Definitely not meant for ‘real life’, but fabulous none the less.  I encourage you to look them up and take a gander for yourself.

B: I write this while simultaneously doing an at-home barre workout (eating pizza while watching hot models saunter down the run way transforms from having fun to feeling ashamed pretty quickly). But I digress! The show was fabulous, but just a little too short. From the singers to the wings, it lived up to expectations. I loved The Weekend’s performance, but eek to that hair.

Like Megan, I was entranced by Maria’s look. Although I find bright blue lingerie hard to pull off, it looked stunning with her skin tone and that feathered piece twirling behind her.

My favorite set of pieces were the glitter bodysuits (A true tribute to Britney in her Toxic days, no?). But imaging the skin burns after wearing one of those is painful enough. Which brings me to my favorite, most wearable lingerie: Cindy Bruna’s black cut out bra, panties and garter set. I know black seems bland against the bright oranges and blues strutted last night, but I love lingerie you can actually wear out and surprise your man with at the end of the night.

What were your favorites? Check out every look at Elle.


Photo Creds:  Favorite LooksSelena


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