Elle et Elle: 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

Whether or not you are an early bird catches the worm type of shopper, or a last-minute gift buyer, chances are you’re still on the hunt for the perfect holiday gift. Lucky for you, we’ve scouted our fav stores to find a fabulous gifts for everyone on your list. Check out our gift guides below:

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 6.00.07 PM

B’s Gift Guide:

I like to think I’m a thoughtful gifter, something that I think makes shopping for presents so much fun. Few things are more gratifying than watching your friends and family open gifts that you know they’re going to love.

For your family: The personalized wood calendars from Artifact Uprising are the perfect mix of gorgeous and sentimental. Upload your own pictures into the site for a gift that’s just as pretty as it is thoughtful.

For the homebody: You already know I have an obsession with McNutt blankets, and this shade of turquoise is so pretty and unexpectedly calming. The J. Crew plaid scarf is equally cozy, and oh-so-chic. It gives even the most dedicated homebody a reason to venture of the couch and into the cold.

For your stylish bff: Garance Dore’s new book Love x Style x Life is high on my wish list, and perfect for anyone who adores the fashion blogger/sketch artist (and who doesn’t, really?).

For the wanna-be-but-not-so-tech-savvy: The wall projector is a godsend for showing your friends that crazy cat video at a dinner party. Just put your phone in the box and it projects whatever you’re watching.

For your secret santa: The enamel frame I’m gifting to my secret santa co-worker, and the lipstick mug is just too cute to pass up. What’re you gifting for Christmas?

Enamel Frame / Plaid Scarf / Calendar / Projector / Garance Dore’s Love x Style x Life / Blanket / Lipstick Mug / Shoe Kit

gift guide

M’s Gift Guide:

I love shopping for others, or really, any excuse to by items that I think are top notch and that will spark joy. I always do my best to start my shopping early.  -Great in theory, but it’s so difficult to stop myself after i have started.

For the Fashionista: (p.s. I hate that word) Seriously though, such a great addition for the lady in your life that takes her style to the next level.  Any wool fedora or panama hat will do the job, but I quite enjoy this one.

For Mom- or The Girl That Has it All: I’m loving this Skagen watch, and it is on my personal Christmas list this year.  A nice watch is a wonderful addition to any lady’s wardrobe.  Whether she has none or “too many”.

For the Planner- Literally, a planner.  This is the crm-de-la-crem of agendas.

For the Tinkerer- Drones are all the rage this season and with some going into the 100’s of dollars range, this is a great (and fun) alternative. Also- this one has a camera.  So much fun!!

For the Techie- This camera is top line without breaking the bank, and not to mention, it is a fabulous size (not too big. not too small.  juuuuuust right).  Also, if you can get it on sale with Target during one of their many holiday sales, even better!!

For the Outdoors-man- It is a portable fish/depth finder.  Just buy it.  He (or she) will love it.  I promise.

For your (female) lover- The Tiffany and Co. Twist ring is the perfect balance of luxury without breaking the bank.  It is the kind of ring you can wear everyday, mix with metals, and that will go with everything.

When all else fails- for he or she, a nice scarf is always a thoughtful and useful gift.  Acne Studio’s over-sized Canada scarf is my top pick for women and again, is on my personal wish list.

I hope we were helpful, and gave you an idea or two for the loved ones in your life.  Let us know what your top picks from our guide are, a few of your favorite go-to gifts.

See you Sunday! XX



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