DIY: Feathered Heels

We’ve all seen the designer 2-strap heels with feather embellishments, and as much as I love them all, they include feathers. I live in Chicago. I try to stay optimistic, but let’s get real- that is just asking to much! Think of all the ways the Chicago weather could dampen my mood and chic shoes!  SO — I’m here with the most simple DIY.  They are quirky, cool, and literally go with any and everything. Trust me. The best part: they are low $ to make, and if your feathers get ruffled (pun intended) you can just replace it.

You need four things.

  1.  A pair of two strap heels (any color, any type).  Try using a pair you already own to give them new life.  If you can’t part with a current pair, do as I did and use this as an excuse to buy a new pair!
  2. Adhesive.  Options are open here.  E6000 or a hot glue gun will work. Use what you have!
  3. Scissors (to trim).
  4. Feathers.  Obviously!  I purchased a ‘feather boa’ strand at Michaels for less than $3.

Now measure your feather boa to the length of the heel. Cut. Glue.

I trimmed my feathers on the sides and made sure not to glue to close to the sole to allow some room for walking (I’m told that’s the purpose of shoes).


And that’s it!!  Enjoy, and please wear to brunch with boyfriend jeans, date night on a Tuesday, and all the upcoming holiday parties.

XX – M.


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