Elle et Elle: Outfits & It’s the Weekend!

Whether you are in the windy (and wet) city this weekend, or anywhere in the Midwest really, I’m sure this weather has you indoors and surfing the net.  Well folks, below is some material for ya. We have included our outfits of the day, Friday to be exact, and made sure to take the opportunity to show them off!

B: TGITW (thank goodness it’s the weekend) could not be truer today, and TGFTS (thank goodness for this sweater) ought to be added to that. It’s my new favorite. I’ve been eager to find the perfect v-neck sweater and Banana Republic produced a winner! (At 40% off, I might add) Part marino wool, part cashmere, obviously part other less glamorous material, but 100% perfection! From the fit to the feel, I’m a happy girl. Paired with my new loafers and my black skinnies, which I know appear to be my only pair of pants, I am one happy lady. This  weekend will largely be spent inside, under a fabulous blanket, watching movies and avoiding the heinous snow storm. What are you doing this weekend?

  M: I am in total agreement- TGITW!  My weekend plans include a trip to the dentist (eww), the hair salon (finally), and diy’s for the blog (you will love).  My outfit of the day includes a few things from my current favorites post that we just did. My sunnies are the Forever 21 pair. Aren’t they great? I paired this fab GAP sweater that’s oh so cozy and warm with a pair of leggings (because ‘casual Friday’) and my current favorite suede boots. The lip has also been mentioned previously and is my go-to Kate Moss for Rimmel #60. Seriously loving the low maintenance make up. 

Let us know your weekend plans- within soggy Chicago or otherwise!


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