Elle et Elle: Our Favorite Pieces

We all have a few favorite items that we have on constant rotation whether it’s from our closet or surrounding us on the daily.  Finding the perfect pair of boots or a sweater that is just so you or cosmetics that live up to all you have hoped for can be an incredible feeling. Here are our current favorites that are doing the trick and that we can’t seem to put down:

B: In the past year or so, I’ve found all of my favorite pieces. I went through a bit of a shopping fast. I was hoping to cut my sartorial budget, which resulted in a lot of cheap and unsatisfying purchases. But in the summer, my check book was on fire. During that time I found the perfect flannel (at h&m if you can believe it), a pair of jeans that hug my curves like skinny jeans should, booties that are equally cool and chic, a quintessentially classic breton top, and one fabulous watch that adds a bit of beautiful flair to my everyday ensembles. My beauty is pretty low maintenance, but I love rosebud salve for lip balm and a quick swipe on my cheeks for a bit of dewiness. La Bougie candles have my absolute favorite scents, and after they’re done I use the bases to hold spare hair ties and q-tips. Lastly, Net-a-Porter’s magazine is to die. I can’t afford anything, but the editorial shoots and the interviews are fab. These items define my style.


H&M flannel / Zara booties / Zara jeans / Cluse watch / Armor Lux shirt / Rosebud Salve / Chloe Perfume / Porter Magazine / La Bougie Candles

M: I too have been craving the low maintenance face lately, and I have found my way to do just that without sacrificing my love for glam. Kate Moss’ collection with Rimmel has been a rediscovery from my make up collection this fall. My go to shade for an easy and low maintenance face of the day is #60. The tortoise sunnies are cheap and cheerful (I have a habit of losing glasses) and complete the look. Going light with concealer and foundation means paying special attention to my skincare routine.  This facial oil has gone above and beyond my expectations and it is safe to say I will be repurchasing.

As far as attire is concerned, my tote bag from Banana has served me well over the past year and is still a joy to carry. My cross body bag, lunch, change of shoes (for rainy days -I am in Chicago, you know), and whatever else I please fits inside and it has proven to be the perfect work bag.  Inside my tote, for the past year has been my Louis Vuitton coin purse.  Connected to my keys and containing my cards, this little guy is a necessity for me.  My suede Acne Studios-esque booties make me so happy, and feel oh so chic without the, “Ouch!” pricetag.  I highly recommend.  And finally, it is the holiday season.  The pine candle and christmas lights below are current OBSESSIONS.  I simply cannot get enough.. I have a few Celerie candles, and you truly cannot go wrong.


Tortoise Sunnies / Suede Chelsea Boot / Red Lip / Facial Oil / Celerie Candle / Leather Tote / LV Coin Pouch

You made it through our passionate explanations (or maybe you scrolled through the pictures) and we hope you enjoyed.

We would love to know what is sparking joy in your life.  It is the small things, you know. What are some of your current favorites?

See you Friday!





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