Elle et Elle: Week in Review

It’s finally the weekend, and we wanted to share some of our favorite links from the week. Because what could be more fun than looking through fun videos and holiday pieces on a Saturday morning?

M: We are into the second week of November and I’m starting to get the holiday feels. Black Friday ads are showing up and holiday plans are starting to begin. This video from Leandra @ Man Repeller perfectly describes my current mood: thrilled and excited, while feeling the need to prepare for any and everything. But I know myself all to well, and know how things will end IRL.

Speaking of the holidays, you’re definitely in need one of the following in your life (but I’ll let you select which!).

For the “I love the holidays, but I don’t want to look generic”:

Definitely not for the faint of heart.

For the “I love the holidays and want something to match my Santa earrings but that still says, “Santa, baby””:

Trust me, this cami is much more “spicy” on. (I own it in red)

See, over preparing for the holidays ALREADY!

B: I’m easing into the holidays a little more slowly. I love me some Christmas cheer, but I am in full force Thanksgiving mode. Prepare yourself for some fabulous recipes flooding this blog over the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, J. Crew has released their new look book, and man does it make me swoon. Plaid scarves, cable knit sweaters, tweed jackets, and all shot in the west of Ireland. Le sigh. Check it out here. I’mma be booking my tickets now…

j crew

And in case looking at this makes you feel a bit chilly, how about fireplace porn to warm you up? I love my current apartment (shout out to my sister, cos I live with her like a cool kid) but I’m missing the fireplaces in my old apartment now that the winter is descending upon us. What is more cozy than a fabulous blanket wrapped around you, with a fire crackling while you watch Netflix (I have a different idea of what Netflix and chill means). Upperlyne & Co. is one of my all-time favorite blogs. Juley has impeccable taste and killer style. Her fireplace picks and giving me space envy.


I’m on the hunt for the perfect tea pot, but so far my favorites have been out of stock or out of budget (did you know tea pots could be $14,000?). Blankets, on the other hand, I have been buying in full force. My latest purchase is from my a fabulous shop in Dublin. McNutt blankets are gorgeous, warm, and cozy, and around 1/3 of the price of Pendleton blankets. This one will be warming up my bed any day now:


What has been inspiring you lately?

Have an amazing weekend xx


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