Elle et Elle: Leather Leggings

At Elle et Elle we have a lot of similar sartorial loves, but our styles differ quite a bit. So we wanted to explore how we both style our favorite pieces. We’ve loved leather leggings for years, and this season we’re both pairing our leggings with cozy knits. Check out our looks below:

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 9.26.43 PM
B: I’m a huge fan of practical fashion, so a super chic but comfortable ensemble is the dream (especially in blistery Chicago winters). That’s why I love leather leggings: they have such a cool look, but breathe and move like leggings should. They can be a bit edgy, and I love how a cozy sweater softens them. I basically consider leopard print to be a neutral (which is a shared belief over here at Elle et Elle), but the leopard flats add a little more flair to a fairly neutral outfit. And I threw in the Celine Box Bag cos a girl can dream, amIright?

M: Don’t get me wrong, I’m down for any outfit that includes leggings, however they don’t necessarily all spark joy. Leather (glorified plastic) leggings on the other-hand, most definitely do! There’s an instant sex appeal that is hard to ignore when you slither (hop, skip and jump) into a pair. They are a fabulous cold weather alternative to the opaque tights and boots pairing that I have long been a fan of.

Working the leather legging into the night hours is a bit more straight forward and foolproof, but I think the two options above are prime examples of how the leather legging is a fall staple for day and night.

For links, check out our Pinterest pages: B / M and Polyvore accounts for set details: B / M

Don’t be afraid to spend some time on our Pinterest pages and get to know us a bit more!


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